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A 17th century shirt

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This summer I made a 17th century shirt for my husband, made after Claes Bielkenstierna's shirt found in Janet Arnold's Patterns of Fashion 4. I tried to keep it as close to the original as possioble and is completely sewn by hand. As this is the very first item of his 17th century outfit the pictures are a bit out of context, I think it will look a lot better with the proper clothes! I have a feeling the sleeves are a bit too long, but then they have the same measurements as the original shirt, so with the proper jacket it may be perfectly fine. For the moment the ties are made out of cotton tape, but as soon as I find linen tape I am going to change them. I was terribly afraid that the collar would be too narrow, but it is perhaps a bit too wide. The shirt is completely hand sewn and I started it two months ago, though I can't say that I have stithed on it daily.

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Preparations and cutting

The cuffs are made exactly the same way as the collar, except that the sleeve is evenly gathered and has buttonholes at the ends for the ribbon that ties them.


The slit in the sleeve has a tiny, 0.5 cm long bar worked in buttonhole stitch to prevent tearing.



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