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Hand Sewn Garb

For those that believe in the details

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Promoting authentic costuming, and sewing techniques
This is a community for those that enjoy giving a costume that little extra touch. For those who strive to use authentic fabrics, techniques, and stitches.

After a run of posts by spambots, I have made this community members only. Please feel free to send me a message requesting to join, including your name, period of interest, and proof that you are not a spammer.

This is NOT a community for Snarking, and/or bashing unauthentic methods. If you wish to vent about bad garb there are communities strictly for that purpose. Those that choose to continue to Snark will be banned. And I really don't want to do that, so please just follow "Thumper's Rule".

It should go without saying that if you plan on advertise on this community, it better be well done and hand sewn. This is not a community that will appreciate your ebay fairy wings. There are other costume groups for these kind of items, so take them there.